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Photon Automation has developed and has patented a revolutionary process for laser welding.  This novel method provides the user with unprecedented control of the laser power as the laser beam is moved across the weld junction.  

Whereas other laser manufacturers tout their ability to 'wobble' the beam across a weld junction, Photon's Pulse Spread Technology is uniquely able to dynamically change the power of the laser based upon the position of the beam relative to the weld junction.  Laser power can be precisely controlled and can be applied to one side of a weld junction more or less than the other side by simply changing a program parameter.  

Dissimilar materials with radically different melting temperatures, differing thicknesses or different surface characteristics can now be welded with precision and predictability.  Pulse Spread Technology can now enable material combinations to be laser welded together that have been difficult or impossible to weld with conventional methods.



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